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The Pittsburg Unified School District has adopted a mandatory uniform policy for all students in grades K-8. We expect all students to follow this policy. We feel that this policy promotes a positive school climate as well as improved academic focus.
Pants/shorts – Navy Blue fitted at the waist and may not be more than one size too large or one size too small. NO OVERSIZED PANTS. Walking shorts will not be shorter than mid-thigh and no longer than the top of the knee. Fabric should be twill, cotton blend, or corduroy.
Shirts/Blouses – White or Navy Blue collared shirts, such as polo, oxford, turtleneck, or mock turtleneck.  Shirts and blouses must be tucked in. Spirit shirts from school may be worn on designated days.
Skirts/Jumpers/Skorts – Navy Blue must be worn with an appropriate uniform shirt, blouse, or sweater.
Shoes – Must be safe and appropriate for school attire. Thongs and backless sandals are not allowed.
Outerwear – Jackets, sweaters, and coats must be Navy Blue.
If your child arrives in non-uniform clothing, the office staff will provide them with a “loaner” uniform to wear for the day upon availability. Parents will be notified if we cannot provide a "loaner" uniform.