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Willow Cove Elementary School

Following our school's dismissal procedures has helped our students learn about being SAFE, RESPECTFUL, and RESPONSIBLE. Following the procedures helps traffic flow more smoothly.
Pick-Up Procedures:

Pick-Up Procedures:

Fourth and Fifth Grade Students who have a younger sibling are to walk over to the primary side of the pick-up zone (located in front of the Kindergarten rooms). No Willow Cove student is to wait on the grass area without teacher or parent supervision.
Parents who drive:

Parents who drive:

  • Drive as far forward as possible along the yellow pick-up zones.
    • Ask your child to look for your vehicle and enter it quickly. Please do not look for your child. You are busy driving and they should look for you. This teaches them responsibility. This procedure also enables as many as 10 vehicles to be loaded at one time.
  • Stay in your vehicle.
    • The yellow zone is a "pick-up" zone ONLY.
  • Park only in designated parking zones - not the red zone (Bus Zone/Fire Hydrant) or behind parked cars.
    • If you park in the area designated for parked cars, please come and help your child cross the driveway in the crosswalk area only.
  • When traffic backs up, please turn right when exiting for the parking lot onto the street.
    • This helps traffic move smoothly - especially when it rains.
  • Drive slowly (5 mph)
    • Driving very slowly in a pick-up zone teacher our students how to be a responsible driver when they get older.
  • Do not park or stop in the red zone.
    • There is a $1,000.00 fine for both driver and the school.
Parents who walk:

Parents who walk:

  • Please pick up your child at either end of the yellow zone.
  • Walking in front of the students at the yellow zone or in the driveway creates confusion and blocks children's view of their cars.
  • Please use the designated crosswalks - not the driveway in front of the yellow zone.
  • Parents who are waiting in front of the school.
  • Please make sure your child is standing next to you.
A special thanks to all the parents who have helped our "end-of-day procedures" work!