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Let's talk about race and racism

Let's talk about race and racism

Actively Anti-Racist

Hi families! Some may shy away from this topic or think that if it isn't addressed, it doesn't exist in your sphere of influence. However, we are all active participants of this movement whether we think so or not. It isn't enough to be "not racist"... We must strive to be anti-racist every single day. Being anti-racist means you acknowledge that racism exists, and you take action to stand against any racist remarks or actions. As a resident in a small town that prides itself on its diversity, I encourage you to support, encourage and empower one another. Let's not turn a blind eye on skin color or race, but let's celebrate each other based on those beautiful features that make us who we are. Remember, these conversations begin at home! And it's not just one conversation, however an ongoing dialogue to better understand and apply what you are continously learning. Let's all work together to educate the children in our community to grow up to be people that will choose to be each other's allies, that will not tolerate social injustices, and that will strive to make Pittsburg a better place.
Here are some resources of books, articles, videos, and stories told that educate and celebrate diversity, culture, and skin color that you may watch and read individually or with your family. 
View this Google Slides presentation to find more book-read-aloud videos in both English and in Spanish. 
The second presentation contains key terms translated from English to Spanish.